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Domestic electrical
Tutum Secure work to the highest  standards and follow all regulations and guidelines, Tutum Secure only use qualified electrician to carry out our work, even though we are not yet accredited, we are still able to carry out all major work and get them signed off by building control.

Why Change my Fuse Board


If you have an old style Fuse board, it might be time to replace it. There are many reasons to replace your fuse board but the main one is to protect your Home and Family. 

By having a new fuse board that is either RCD or RCBO protected will decrease the risk of any electrical fire. RCD and RCBOs are able to detect any faulty wiring and will automatically trip the device and reduce the heat build-up which would lead to a fire.

If a circuit is overloaded this can lead to electric shocks, by having a new fuse board with RCD or RCBO devices fitted, they will automatically disconnect the power to prevent this from happening.

 Old  Style Fuse Board


New Style Fuse Board



ResiduaL Current Device



Residual Current Breaker with over Current

Home Electrical Improvements 

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Its really import to keep your sockets and light switches in good condition, they are vital to the protect of your home and most importantly you and your family, its also a good way to to keep your home looking fresh when you do those home improvements.

While your deciding on the décor of your improvement you might want to change that old drop down light for a new fancy Lamp shade or chandelier.

We are happy to to take on all this little changes for you.

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