There are more and more people now looking to have CCTV installed on their home or business.

A home CCTV system is a great way for you to feel more secure knowing that the perimeter of your home is protected 24 hrs a day and with the new smart systems you are also able to view your cameras any where in the world on an Android or Apple device.

CCTV for business is a great way for you to:

  • Prevent Crime

  • Provides Business Compliance

  • Aid Law Enforcement

  • Improves Safeguarding

  • Improves outside security for customers and employees 

  • Lowers the risk of vandalism

  • 24/7 Peace of Mind 

  The list goes on, what ever your reasons are for CCTV you can be sure that Tutum Secure Will have the right system for you.

CCTV Maintenance 

You have made the investment to have CCTV installed on your home or business, its vital that for your system to function and have the very best images, you should have your system maintained for the following reasons:

  • over a period of time the camera will gather dirt that will get in side and effect moving parts, can also lead to over heating as the fan is stuck and most of all the dirt will get on the lens/housing of the camera which will effect image quality.

  • ​Like most things if they are looked after and maintained regularly you will be able to find any potential problems and fix them before any thing happens and could cause the system to stop working.

  • with a well maintained system you will have the confidence that if the worst did happen you will be able to provide the police with quality images to help with their investigation.

​Don't be the one that get caught with a failed system, maintain the system and it will last you for some time and save you money in the long run.

Tutum Secure can provide you with a one off maintenance or a maintenance contract that is designed for your needs

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